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D & R Agency, Inc

Sales Representatives to the RV and MH Industry

Manufacturer and Product Listing



12 Volt Power Converter Products
Arterra Distribution, Inc.… (WFCO) 30-amp and 50-amp power centers, converters, inverters, AC/DC distribution panels, automatic transfer switches and additional imported items offered.


12 Volt Water Pumps And Filters
Arterra Distribution, Inc.… (ARTIS) potable 4 and 5 chamber water pumps and filters for recreational vehicles and additional items including Tank Heaters and Water Control Systems.

Manufactured Metal Components

Circle M Spring, Inc… A quality metal manufacturer of springs, wire forms and multi-slide parts.  Engineering assistance for custom built parts, quick sample turn around, in house tooling with low overhead for the best possible cost.

Plastic Formed Products
Duo Form / Majestic Formed Plastics… Thermoforming company that manufactures kitchen sinks, bath lavatories, combination sink/countertops, tubs, shower pans, shower surrounds, floor ramps, skylights, inner domes and garnishes, stone guards, fenders skirts and many other accessories offered.


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