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D&R Agency is a sales firm established in March of 2001 to represent manufacturing supply companies and their products to all facets of the recreation vehicle and commercial vehicle markets. The company was founded by Dave Davenport and Tom Ryan who together have over 60 years of experience in the RV and Commercial Vehicle industries. Davenport and Ryan are active in the business and continue today as the D&R in D&R Agency.


The founding product line included AC to DC power converters, DC to AC power inverters, AD/DC distribution panelboards, and automatic transfer switches. It was soon followed by plastic forming products including sinks, tubs, shower walls, fender skirts, skylights, and numerous other plastic product offerings. Metal manufactured products such as springs for use with RV slide-outs are now offered. 12-volt potable 4 and 5 chamber water pumps of various sizes with optional water filters are all available for installation during the RV manufacturing process. The product lines we have chosen to represent have been selected for their diversity, completeness, and quality; and, they represent the highest values within the RV marketplace.


The company offices are in Elkhart Indiana, which is the manufacturing center of the recreation vehicle industry. Please call or stop by if we have a product that interests you, or, we can be of assistance in any manner.